Will My Phone work in China? Can I use my current SIM card?

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Will My Phone work in China? Can I use my current SIM card?

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Make sure your phone is unlocked. If your phone is locked by your carrier, then you cannot use a Chinese SIM (so either need to get a new phone or have to take care of getting your phone unlocked from here which can be more difficult).
Apple users seems to be able to use their unlocked phones much easier.  Android users sometimes find it easiest to buy a new phone in China (you can get a half decent one for around 120 USD).

For the arrival process, usually the wifi for your apartment and the Chinese sim card come as a package.  Some teachers are able to arrive and get straight into an apartment, then get the wifi/sim set up, others it can take a few days.

Especially if you are training in a different area then where you will live, you may want to arrive with a temporary SIM.
Here is an option: https://www.simoptions.com/prepaid-sim-card-china/

If you know of a different option, please leave a comment/reply below.

Sometimes it is also possible to get an overseas package added to your current phone plan as well that you can use until you get the new China SIM.  If you can easily get an add on package to your current phone, then that can be a comfortable if you have this for the first few days of arrival.  The cost of data for your phone in China is usually a fraction of the cost teachers are used to in their countries, so we would definitely advise getting a China SIM.

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